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Shenzhen Big Dipper Scale Co.,Ltd
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Company Info
BDS,full name Shenzhen Big Dipper Scale Co.,Ltd.Has 13 years production technology experience of weighing ,main production Weighing indicator ,Electronic balance ,Carat scale,Pocket scale ,Mini scale ,Jewelry scale,Kitchen scale ect.Since the establishment of the company since 2005,With advanced production technology aMore
Highlighted Exhibits
BDS-DM3 series electronic kitchen scale precision food weighing scale
BDS-CX kitchen scale multifunction food digital scale precision electronic scale
BDS-6010-Series pocket scale electronic jewelry weighing scale gram scale
BDS-CX kitchen scale precision food weighing scale electronic kitchen scale
04 model big diper scale
BDS-DJ-B supply electronic balance scale 5kg/0.01g high precision weighing scale
BDS-PN-B electronic balance scale 5kg/0.01g high precision balance scale
BDS-PN-A electronic analysis laboratory balance scale 0.001g high precision balance
BDS-DJ-A Analysis laboratory balance electronic precision weighing balance scale
BDS-PN-B precision balance ,industrial balance electronic analytical balance scale
BDS-DJ-B precision balance,jewelry weighing balance scale electronic analysis balance
BDS scale series jewelry scale
Products Recommendation
S6012 Series pocket scale digital diamond electronic precision scale
BDS-1108-1 notebook scale pocket light weight digital jewelry scale
BDS-DJ electronic precision balance digital sensitive weighing scale
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